Our story begins in warmth of a home where we create, play and work at the same time, always being surrounded by children.

This makes each piece of our toy spiced up with the best and most important ingredients: happiness, clossenes, love and care.

To stay in touch with nature as an important part of kids surrounding we use only natural materials.

Sustainably sourced wood from Croatian forests is carefuly chose and naturally dried.Paints we apply are free of all toxic chemicals, certified, water-based and eco-friendly.

A wooden toy represents direct connection to the natural world but with us it also becomes a multipurpose object with which children play, develop cognitive skills and make memories of an early childhood.

We hand-craft alder, linden and oak as a symbol of timelessness, authenticity and refinement. Wood as a material can endure for years ensuring that our toys can be handed down through the family tree and last for generations.

It's simply - more than a toy.